Award-Winning Brisbane Pet Photography with Frances Suter

As an award-winning pet photographer, Frances has had the privilege of photographing Brisbane pets of all breeds over the years.

Pets are such an important member of the family and we LOVE including your pets in your family portrait photo shoots! (Or should we say family paw traits!)

Seriously fun Pet Photoshoots are our thing!

Pet photography can be the most treasured artwork you display in your home! A stunning portrait of you and your pet tells a part of your story. It is truly a pleasure, as a pet photographer, to create timeless memories of you and your best friend.

Our pet photography is all about capturing that beautiful interaction and relationship between you and your pet. Frances aims to capture relaxed and beautiful photographs of you and your pet to showcase the special bond your share.

Frances’ expertise in portrait photography also includes children’s photoshoots, teen photography and family portraits. You’re more than welcome to bring along the whole family to your pet photography session.

Looking for an experienced Pet Photographer near Brisbane?

Pet photo shoots at Frances Suter Photography are such a memorable experience for you and your furry friend!

During your pet portrait session, Frances, Master Brisbane pet photographer will spend time creating an array of beautiful images for you to choose from.

We’ll capture stunning images of your pet on their own, beautiful photographs of you and your best friend together, and of course, a variety of both candid photos and traditional portraits too.

Pet photoshoots are the purrrr-fect opportunity to update your family portrait photographs to include your furriest family members too. All kinds of pets are welcome at our photography studio!

Help! I’ve never done a Pet Photoshoot before?

Not sure what to expect from your pet portrait? We’re here to help plan and guide you through each step of your pet photoshoot.

From cat photoshoots to puppy portraits, and every type of breed in between… each pet photoshoot is unique and we want to ensure your pet portrait experience with Frances Suter Photography is second to none!

This may be your very first pet family portrait, the celebration of a new pup, or simply a dog photoshoot to capture you with your best friend.

We’ll arrange a photography planning session for you to pop in and see us so we can organise and talk you through your pet photoshoot prior to the day. Every part of your pet photo shoot is personalised to ensure you and your pet have a great time at our Brisbane pet photography studio no matter how nervous you may feel about your pooch, kitten or feathered friend.

Choosing a Brisbane Pet Photography studio to suit you and your best friend! 

We’re known for our relaxed studio environment! At Frances Suter Photography, we aim to create a safe space where you’ll feel at home with your pets! Our fully-fenced and safe and secure outdoor photography studio is the IDEAL place for your stress-free pet photoshoot!

From the shyest of timid rescues to the most boisterous and excitable pups… we’ll help your pet settle in as we welcome you into our photography studio.

A visit to our professional photography studio is always FUN! As an experienced Brisbane pet photographer, is so important to Frances that you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera with your pet.

Our Coorparoo based studio, on the Southside of Brisbane, is just 10 minutes from the city centre on Cavendish Road near Coorparoo Square. We have lots of free, off-street parking available for your visit to our studio and a safe and quiet spot for you to unload your pets to access the studio.

We also have a lovely quiet park adjacent to the studio where you can walk your dog or relax with your pet before your photoshoot. Car trips to new places are often very exciting for pets and we find taking a moment to let them sniff, run or play can help them relax.

Your pet is going to LOVE our outdoor photography studio!

Have you seen our outdoor photography studio? Our purpose-built outdoor studio provides an ideal setting for your pet photoshoot. Frances, renowned Brisbane pet photographer and her team have carefully designed a fantastic outdoor space for you to enjoy during your pet photography session.

The best part about our outdoor studio is that it is fully fenced and secure offering you a private and safe place for your dog photoshoot. (We’ve even had chickens, guinea pigs, lizards, birds and many more come to visit too!)

Each backdrop in our outdoor photography studio has been created with your pet portrait photography in mind to give you a fabulous variety of options.

We’re sure you’ll love the backdrops in our outdoor studio. Let us know which ones suit your style and we’ll move around from each one at your pet photo shoot to create a range of images from more classic portrait photography, to modern, candid-style pet portraits.

There’ll be plenty of time for your dog, or pet, to sniff, explore, and settle in before we start your pet photoshoot.

Would your pet prefer an indoor photoshoot?

Some pets feel much safer inside in our indoor studio. Cat photoshoots, along with reptiles and other breeds of animals are much more comfortable and relaxed inside. Studio options will be discussed and arranged during your photography planning session so we can make sure your pet feels their best while posing for their pet portraits.

We’ll personalise your indoor pet portrait to suit your pet using different lighting setups. We also have different backdrops to suit light and dark photography options for both colour and black and white photos. Frances loves including candid photography moments too! We’ll help guide you with natural posing techniques for more creative pet photos.

Brisbane’s best pet photographer for your FUN family paw-trait!

Relaxed and natural pet photoshoots are our thing! Frances and her team are here to help you enjoy your pet photoshoot.  After all, the best part about our pet portraits is hearing that you’ve had a wonderful time at the photo shoot as well!

We’d love to hear all about your best friends and fluffy family members! Why not give us a call and arrange a visit to our fabulous studio?

Let us show you around our beautiful photography studio and answer any questions you may have about a pet photoshoot for you and your best friend.

Our beautiful photography studio is located at 137 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo, Brisbane.

Give us a call at 38990107.

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Brisbane Pet Photography | Frequently Asked Questions

Our photography studio is located at 137 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo. Just ten minutes from Brisbane City, not far from Coorparoo Square shopping centre.

Our outdoor studio is fully fenced, safe and secure for your pet to be off lead during your visit.

There is a safe spot for your to park and enter the studio with your pet.

Yes, there is ample, free, off-street parking available next to our photography studio via Bath St, Coorparoo.

Prints start at an 8×10 inch size (roughly A4) at $185 for an individual print and range up to the high hundreds for the large wall prints. Prints work on a sliding scale, so the more you order, the more the individual print prices drop down.

We also have packages available with a variety of different options to suit you! Ask us about our pet photography packages!

Frances LOVES photographing pets of all breeds! We prefer seeing your pet’s individual personalities shine… even if they can get a bit on the cheeky side!

Pets love visiting our photography studio and dogs are always so excited to explore our outdoor studio. Cats love our quiet, safe, indoor studio and we find all pets settle in after having a chance to sniff, run, or check out our studio space.

Usually, your pet’s favourite treat or toy works well to help them focus. However, we have many tricks up our sleeves to help get your pet’s attention during their photoshoot.

The more notice the better, but we always have little openings here and there to schedule you in so don’t hesitate to call and ask.

We have both an indoor and outdoor studio and can use both for the photography session (weather permitting).

Feel free to let us know your preference and we’ll discuss the best option to keep your pet safe and happy during your pet photoshoot.

Frances Suter is one of Brisbane’s most experienced and awarded Master Photographers. With over 20 years of experience photographing families, newborns, weddings, pets and more both internationally and right here in Brisbane.

We guarantee you’ll LOVE your images!

Yes, the photo shoot and new environment is usually very exciting for dogs. It is a good idea to take them for a short walk beforehand, so as to use up some of their energy.

There is a small park adjacent to the studio which would be suitable to walk your dog in.

We’ll make sure you feel comfortable (along with your pet) and guide you throughout the photo shoot to ensure you are photographed in your best light. You are unique and the photos will enhance your personality and showcase the beautiful bond you share with your best friend.

We will not use your photography for advertising unless we have your prior consent.

Your images are only seen by yourself and us at the studio. We absolutely respect the privacy of our clients. We don’t use any images on our website, social media or in the studio unless we have your permission in the form of a signed model.

No matter what body shape you are, we will help you pose to minimise areas you aren’t comfortable with throughout your photoshoot.

We will invite you back to view your beautiful photos within two weeks of your pet photography session. Depending on your order, processing and printing of your photography will take 4-6 weeks.

We’re always happy to work with you if you have a specific deadline or special occasion coming up. Feel free to give us a call and we can chat further!

This is discussed during the planning of the photo shoot. You want to look back on this photograph and remember your favourite outfit, but be cautious, bold patterns can overwhelm the image.

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Frances and her team are looking forward to giving you a seriously fun pet portrait experience, complete from the photoshoot itself to timeless portraits and artwork, for you and your loved ones to cherish.

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