Fun Pet Photoshoots in Brisbane

When it comes to fun pet Photoshoots in Brisbane, there’s no shortage of opportunities to capture the unique personalities and charm of our furry friends at Frances Suter Photography!  Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a special photo shoot featuring three adorable dogs: Kirra and Ollie, the Dalmatians, and Luca, the Afghan Hound puppy.

Life is full of adventure for this pet family! Whether it’s camping trips or day trips to the beach, Kirra, Ollie, and Luca are always up for a good time.

It was also so exciting to hear that, Luca, the Afghan Hound, is in training to become a therapy dog. Luca will be a well-loved visitor at his Dad’s workplace and we’re sure he’ll make a major impact!

The bond and dedication shared between these dogs and their owner was really a special one. It was lovely photographing this beautiful family.

pet photography brisbane dalmatians and afghan hound


The Perfect Backdrop for Your Pet Photoshoots in Brisbane

We chose our stunning outdoor photography studio for this Pet Photoshoot. Located in Coorparoo, Brisbane, our studio boasts a fully fenced outdoor space, ensuring the safety and comfort of all animals involved. The spacious and secure environment allowed the dogs to roam freely, making it easy for Frances to capture their personalities and interactions.

Our outdoor studio also features an array of captivating backdrops, each designed to create stunning visual narratives. From gorgeous antique gates to urban street art and even a rustic tin shed… our backdrop options provide the perfect setting for any pet photography session.

Every detail of our outdoor studio has been carefully designed to give you ‘perfect lighting’ at your family shoot. We have options for your preference. You may like more traditional portrait style photography or more modern, candid photography. Our variety of backdrops means we can easily suit your style and create exactly what you had in mind for your family pictures.


Although we loved meeting all three dogs… we have to say, the star of the show was Luca, the Afghan Hound puppy! Luca’s striking appearance and warm temperament, effortlessly took centre stage and his adorable clumsy puppy-ness had us sharing a laugh throughout the photoshoot.

Kirra and Ollie, the playful Dalmatians, brought their own unique charm to the session. Their infectious energy and striking spots added an extra layer of excitement to the shoot. Kirra and Ollie were two peas in a pod and their bond was clear to see. Frances captured their dynamic personalities were beautifully in a series of beautiful images.

Kirra and Ollie are actually hearing impaired – a trait you wouldn’t realise if not told. We found this a huge credit to their awesome owner and his dedicated training with them.


Interested in Pet Photoshoots in Brisbane for you and your fur family?

Relaxed and natural family portraits are our thing! The best part about our pet  photoshoots in Brisbane is knowing that you and your pets have had fun at your shoot!

Brisbane families know our professional photography studio for our stress-free photography sessions! We truly aim to keep the entire family smiling throughout your shoot as Frances works her magic capturing a variety of different images for you to choose from!

We’d love to chat to you and hear all about your pets! Have something in mind for your family photoshoot? Give us a call at 0414339543 or fill in the form below. Or feel free to pop in to studio for a visit! We’d love to show you around our beautiful outdoor photography studio!

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