All you need to know about your family photoshoot!

Ever wonder where the time goes…

One minute we’re photographing you with your tiny newborn daughter and the next minute you’re back in the studio with a second baby. Your first-born daughter is now a gorgeous, giggly toddler!

Time soon flies by and soon enough we see you again with your gorgeous teenage daughters! Boy, do the years go quickly!

Help! We’ve never done a family photoshoot before!

We’ll help you plan the finer details of your family portrait session so that your photoshoot is relaxed and enjoyable for everyone!

You’ll be able to visit us at the studio before your photoshoot where we can show you our gorgeous space! This is where you’ll be able to look at our stunning variety of backdrops in our outdoor studio and let us know your favourites!

Bring along any questions you have and we’ll happy go through these with you so that everything runs smoothly at your photoshoot.

Frances will spend her time taking a variety of different images for you so that you have lots of fabulous images to see. Including different group settings of the family, portraits of the children, and of course, stunning portraits of just Mum & Dad!

Where is best location in Brisbane to have our family portraits taken?

Our beautiful outdoor photography studio is the perfect setting for a family portrait! Our purpose-built photography backdrops are a wonderful option for our children’s, family and pets photography sessions. We always find we can create the best family photos in our relaxed studio environment.

You’ll feel comfortable knowing that your photography session is personalised. Our gorgeous studio, based in Coorparoo, has ample parking and is safe for your family to access.

What should we wear to have our family photos taken?

Deciding what to wear to your family photoshoot does not need to be tricky! We’re here to help each step of the way and will discuss outfit and colour options with you at your planning session.

Matching tones and simple patterns tend to work best for family group images. Keep in mind loud prints and bold logos can be distracting in your photographs.

We encourage you to bring along a different change of clothing too as an option. That way you get to make the most of your session and we can coordinate your outfits to our backdrops.

When do we get to see the images from our family photoshoot?

We’ll arrange a viewing and ordering appointment soon after your photoshoot has taken place! Sit back and relax with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy seeing all the images we’ve created for you. Here you’ll be able to choose your favourites and what images you would like to order for yourself!

Your family photoshoot will be a day to remember!

Remembering the day of your photoshoot, remembering the favourite outfit you wore, and most importantly of all – remembering each other and the fun you had at your family portrait session!

Have you ever looked back at old black and white family photos and smiled? It’s always such a nice trip down memory lane to share with your family.

Queensland school holidays are not too far away! And soon another year will have flown by before we know it…

After a tough couple of years, it’s so nice to see families coming back together and hopefully having the chance to reunite this festive season!

We want to help you celebrate with your loved ones this year and would like to offer you a special Christmas gift! Our present to you, two beautiful prints (10 x 8 inch) valued at $370 in addition to your collection.

This would make the PERFECT Christmas gift to those you love!

We’d love to hear from you if you had family photos in mind. We can chat further about designing a family portrait photoshoot just for you and your family!

Christmas time is always our busiest time of year so be sure to get in touch soon if you’d like to arrange your family photoshoot.

We would LOVE to chat further with you and hear all about your beautiful family! 

Feel free to come and see us at our studio in Coorparoo. We’d love to show you around!

Give us a call at 38990107 and we can chat about your family portrait photoshoot. Or simply fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you!

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