From a recent Brisbane Pets and their People Photoshoot…

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting and photographing the lovely ‘Lady’, along with her beautiful human parents and fur siblings Chica and Roxy in our outdoor photography studio as part of our Brisbane Pets and their People project.

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Lady is an interesting mix of Chihuahua, Rat Terrier and Dachshund, with an even more interesting story of survival. After spending much of her life as a semi-feral dog, Lady was eventually rescued from a remote community near Coober Pedy and picked up by Guardian Angel Dog Rescue in Adelaide, South Australia.

Fortunately, following a few adoption fails, Lady’s life was set to change for the better when she was adopted by a loving pair of paw-rents into what would become her forever home.

We knew we were in for a treat after speaking with Lady’s mum to organise their family photoshoot. What a special little pooch ‘Lady’ is with a special tale of hope to share. We couldn’t wait to meet Lady and her pack at their family paw-trait session.

Lady’s Rescue Story

Here’s Lady’s story as told by her beautiful fur Mum…

Lady came to us extremely scared and underweight; she was terrified of life itself and people as she was abused while she was living as a semi-feral dog. During the first 6 months, she wouldn’t come near any of us and spent most of her time hiding behind the sofa and under the bed where she was fed and felt safe. 

It took a long time for Lady to build up trust in us, but she quickly bonded with our other little rescue dog, a Staffy named Roxy. Lady started to mimic Roxy which was beautiful to see. 

During those first few months, it was a heartbreaking task just to take Lady for a walk. Lady would scream and fight with all her might to get away from the collar and leash, but she learned that only calm behaviour made her feel better when walking.  

Going in the car was super stressful for Lady and her whole body would tremor constantly in fear, but she found her reward at the most sacred place on Earth, the beach, where she would let loose and run around happy and carefree. The beach is still Lady’s favourite place on Earth. 

Learning From Our Other Rescue Dogs

Lady learned so much from watching Roxy during those first few months with us. As Lady gained confidence, she mirrored Roxy’s behaviours and started to open up to us as her new family. Lady would follow Roxy to see her reaction to different situations. For example, Lady would see Roxy eating in the kitchen and think, “ok Roxy is eating in the kitchen…good, so can I”. Or “Roxy is taking a treat from this human… good, so can I!!”.

Lady Loves her New Family 

Although Lady is still very wary of strangers, she LOVES her family over everything and has become a real little bundle of cuteness and so much joy. Lady makes us laugh every day. 

Lady has learned so many new tricks such as “sitting pretty” and “touch game”. I recently used her as part of the skill assessment for the Certificate 3 Dog Behaviour course. Learning these new skills has given her a sense of pride and she’s now asking for more.

Rescue Dogs are So Special 

Rescue dogs are SO special, and they can end up in the shelter just because they are over- excited, fearful, or reactive out of fear not out of dominance. 95% of the time their basic needs as a dog may simply not have been fulfilled by their owners. Dogs need guidance, exercise, rules, and boundaries to grow into balanced, happy dogs; before kisses and cuddles all day long from their humans. 

Lady is a great example of what time, patience and consistency can do with a rescue dog. Everything we taught her was done with play and positive reinforcement to build confidence and trust. We always treated her like a dog and fulfilled her needs as a dog before ours.

We love meeting your Brisbane pets! 

We are always so excited to meet and photograph your furry friends of all breeds at your family paw-trait sessions. It fills us with such joy to hear the stories about your pet/s and how they came to join your families.

Rescue pets will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we are so incredibly proud to be able to support our furry friends in need with our Brisbane Pets and their People project.

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