Extended Family Photoshoots with Frances Suter Photography

Extended Family Photoshoots

The holiday season sure is special for Queensland families! Summer school holidays often mean days spent by the beach with family and friends. And for other Brisbane families, it’s a chance to catch up and see extended family for the first time all year.

School holidays and the Christmas break are such a special time of year at the studio for us too! It’s always exciting to see familiar faces coming back in to visit and have their extended family photoshoots updated! What a wonderful way to celebrate your family and create fabulous memories together.

Looking for extended family photoshoots in Brisbane?

It was such a pleasure to photograph this awesome family. We were thrilled to arrange an extended family photoshoot for them so all family members could be included on the day.

The options are endless when it comes to our extended family photoshoots. Our stunning outdoor studio makes a lovely setting for your photoshoot and we have many different backdrops available to choose from. Or, we can suggest one of our stunning Brisbane (and surrounding) locations for larger extended family photoshoots.

A location photoshoot was the perfect option for this awesome family. We had everyone coming along to the photoshoot from Grandparents, Adult Children, Grandchildren and Pets (fur children) too! This gorgeous green space was this family’s location setting of choice. It made for a natural, relaxed and Earthy backdrop for their extended family photoshoot.


We help Brisbane families design their IDEAL extended family photoshoots!

Your photoshoot planning session is the best time to let us know your thoughts and what you have in mind for your family portrait session. We’ll work with you to design your ideal photoshoot from the location, to what to wear, the best photoshoot time for your family and more.

Be sure to let us know what family group settings are most important for us to capture on the day so Frances can create lots of different image options for you to see. Frances will spend time at your extended family photoshoot not only photographing everyone altogether, but also photographing everyone in smaller groups too.

Seriously FUN extended family photoshoots are our thing!

We’ll even capture portraits of mum and the children, grandparents and grandchildren and other family groups. Portraits of parents are always popular too and of course, we won’t forget to take individual images of the grandkids. But, at the end of the day, it’s your extended family photoshoot… so tell us your ideas so we can create your BEST EVER family portrait photoshoot experience.

Extended Family Photoshoots


Is it time to update your family portrait? 

We would LOVE to chat with you and hear all about what you have in mind for your family portrait photoshoot.

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